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    The Urgency of Gospel Transformation

    The Urgency of Gospel Transformation

    Length: 39 minutes

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    Intentional Living

    Intentional Living

    This session focuses on discovering how to make choices for living out the purposes of God. Explore the intentional decision making process that believers must make to fulfill God's mission. Content is based on the book "Intentional Living" by Andrea Mullins.

    Length: 52 minutes

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    The Pastor as Shepherd and Leader

    What it means to be a Pastor

    Length: 43 minutes

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    Lost and Found, pt. 2

    What do the unchurched think about Christianity, and how do we reach them? Part 2.

    Length: 46 minutes

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    Understanding & Applying the Bible 5

    Glen Watson provides some examples on how to utilize the information learned thus far in the series.

    Length: 57 minutes

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    Mastering the Art of Communication

    Talking does not equal communication. Jane Bishop shares some tips for enhancing your communication with others.

    Length: 47 minutes

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    Coaching Leadership Level 4: Developer

    The goal of a coach is to guide individuals further from themselves and closer to where God desires them to be. Part 5 of a 5-part series.

    Length: 28 minutes

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    New Testament Survey 2/8

    Tour of the New Testament, The Four-Fold Gospel

    Length: 56 minutes

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    Teach with Passion

    There are three important things you can do to be a more dynamic Bible teacher. There
    are things that Jesus modeled. This session will help you identify how you can be a more
    enthusiastic Bible teacher.

    Length: 36 minutes

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