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    Understanding & Applying the Bible 3

    Glen Watson explains the various problems of words and how to address these problems when studying the Bible.

    Length: 53 minutes

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    The Health and Wellness of a Church Session 10

    This is part 10 of a 10 part series on the health or wellness of the local Church. The series celebrated the Church as the Bride of Christ now in a time of betrothal. Our Eternal Groom is preparing a life for us, but how are we preparing ourselves for Him?
    In part 10, viewers review the peaks of the series on the way to drilling down on 3 specific approaches to assessing or monitoring the health of their Church.

    Length: 33 minutes

    Views: Viewed 8 times.

  • 1582

    Building Powerful Ministry Teams, pt. 1

    Bert Ross discusses principles of building powerful and effective ministry teams. Part one includes Biblical concepts for teams and common purpose.

    Length: 47 minutes

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  • 1209

    Leadership Terrains: Organic Leadership Development: Part 2

    Discovering how God shapes leaders. Part two of a six part series introducing how God develops leaders.

    Length: 33 minutes

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  • 2349

    Knowing and doing the Will of God 4/8

    Continuing her series, Connie Cavanaugh dives into the third reality of knowing and doing the will of God: God invites you to become involved with him in his work.

    Length: 50 minutes

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  • 1976

    Christian Theology 2 - Belief in God

    Our goal for the eight hours of study is to identify the major beliefs embraced by Christians and learn why they are important. In session one, Dr. Cobb introduces Christian theology and deals with belief in God.

    Length: 55 minutes

    Views: Viewed 100 times.

  • 3176

    Ingredients for Effective Bible Studies, pt. 2

    David Apple continues his discussion of ingredients for effective Bible studies.

    Length: 29 minutes

    Views: Viewed 11 times.

  • 2552

    90 Minutes in Heaven, Part 1

    A true story of death and life by Don Piper

    Length: 51 minutes

    Views: Viewed 54 times.

  • 1002

    Media on a Shoe String Budget

    This session goes over ways to use great software programs that are cheap (and sometimes FREE) to create graphics, slideshows, videos and presentations.

    Length: 60 minutes

    Views: Viewed 85 times.