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    A Path Paved with more than Good Intentions

    Bible study of Ezekiel 36:22-32

    Length: 45 minutes

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  • 2017

    Lottie Moon - Part 2

    Betty Sams concludes her monologue about the life of Lottie Moon and tells us about how we can help with foreign missions today.

    Length: 14 minutes

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    The Offensive Church

    Is the church to be "offensive" to the world...or "on the offensive" to the impact the world for Christ? Learn how to lead your church to transition from selfishenss to servanthood, additions to multiplication, and attraction to incarnation.

    Length: 61 minutes

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    Preaching with Skill and Influence

    Robert Smith offers practical advice on how to increase the teaching quality and life application of your sermons.

    Length: 88 minutes

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    The Church Stewardship Committee

    How does a committee impact the stewardship process of a church?

    The most important element in the stewardship emphasis is planning. This session will explore the answers to five important questions relating to stewardship emphasis.

    Length: 43 minutes

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    R.E.A.C.H PART 4

    R.E.A.C.H. Level 1 is a missional Sunday School/small group strategy that reverses the trend of only 10% of the church body being involved in evangelism/outreach. It has two main components: Prayer and Pursuit. It address contacting prospects as well as inactive members.

    Length: 59 minutes

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    Bible Storying 8-8

    In the final part of "Bible Storying", Mark Snowden concludes by providing practical applications for Bible Storying in church multiplication.

    Length: 59 minutes

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    In the Potter's Hands

    Dr Fred Luter, Jr. President of the SBC.
    Message to Montana Baptists during the Friday evening General Session at MPact Montana 2013

    Length: 46 minutes

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    The Missional Disciple

    Andrea Mullins addresses issues that we will need to be concerned with as missional disciples.

    Length: 53 minutes

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